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Every so often I hear some really great heroes of mine say something and I say “no, no! That’s not the way it works. You are making life really hard on yourself”. So if people I really look up to have missed out on some fundamental Human Truths then imagine how much the average person has missed out on these principles!!

Hi, My Name is Micheal Colhoun and am the Co-Founder of Transforming People Academy – The School of Accelerated Learning and Personal Development. We Provided Certification Trainings in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy ® and Hypnosis. We also provide Trainings in Public Speaking.

Micheal Colhoun
Micheal Colhoun, Co-Founder, Transforming People Academy

As a freelance developer, I have had the opportunity to work in many large blue chip corporations including The London Stock Exchange,  Deutsche Bank, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Insurance Companies and other

Financial Institutions and with partners such as Microsoft, NRC and IBM. However my real passion is not software, it’s working with people to realise their true potential.

That is why 17 years as a Software Engineer I wanted to move further away from software development and more into personal development. That’s why for the past decade I have been seeking out some of the best teachers of human evolution.

That’s why after ten years of intense study and deep diving into personal excellence I set up Transforming People Academy to pass it forward.

I don’t know if you have noticed. There is a terrible void in the world and we are focussed too much on negativity. We constantly watch TV shows and movies where the hero just doesn’t get it and we are almost screaming at the TV to say “Look out, not that way”, like some comedy sketch and still they mess up. Life seems to be a reflection of what we see in the movies. Or is it the other way around. Compare this to animated kids movies. They believe and the fairy tale becomes true.

My vision is to help people realise that truth that we have only started on our journey to realise human potential. That is why I want people to become Neuro Linguistic Masters. To become Masters of their Minds. Masters of Communication. That’s why I train people to find the excellence within themselves so that they can make a difference within different areas of society. In Business and in their Personal lives. In Sports. In Health and Healing. In Relationships and within families. To build Community Spirit. To build more valuable connections and impact more people. To build self-confidence and self-esteem. To fill that void. To excel. To raise standards. To be truly human. And to pass it forward so that the Legacy we leave is something we can be proud of.

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