15-Day NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Why become Certified as a Master Practitioner

The Master Practitioner Certification training builds on the skills and abilities you have learnt as a Certified NLP Practitioner and teaches you advanced skills that can be used in both a formal intervention setting and in an informal business setting. Skills such as conversation change techniques, advanced re-framing techniques and how to model and install other people’s strategies for success.


What will I learn.


  • The Secrets of Advanced Communication  and Language
  • The Secrets to Motivation, and how to change the way you get motivated
  • How People Made Decisions, and how to discover yours
  • Recovering a Persons Model of the World
  • How to discover and remove Deep Seated Conflicts
  • How to Build Models of Excellence
  • How to be an Inspiring Speaker
  • How NLP and Quantum Physics related to Change
  • How to use Energy and Empowerment to Create Influence  and Charisma
  • How to do a High Energy Board Break and/or Bar Bend
  • How to do Personal Breakthrough Coaching
  • Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner Certification
  • Master Hypnotist Certification

In addition to spending 15 days learning advanced patterns of NLP, Time Line Therapy®  and Hypnosis, you will have all the capabilities and skills to begin Breakthrough Coaching.

Just stop for a moment, and go inside, and think what would it be like to learn all that above easily and effortlessly? Imagine having all the confidence and know-how after 15 days to tackle any presenting problem, and establish how the problem is a problem and how to work with your clients in resolving these presenting problems. And also imaging experiencing this first hand as a client during the training.

What if I don’t know everything?

By the end of the training, you will know everything you need to know to being breakthrough coaching, and even if you don’t think so yet, We will be there to support you afterwards, and to assist you in getting out there, and working with people and doing Breakthrough Sessions. Do you think that would be of value to you or not?

If you haven’t already booked on the Master Practitioner Training, give it some though and give us a call at the office before you make a decision.