Enigma – Intensive 6-month Personal Transformation Programme

We re re-opening our Enigma Programme for 2018 on the 24th November.

The Enigma Program is the evolution of the Breakthrough Process we cover on Master Practitioner. I have been refining this over the past 12 years and I am opening up a small number of slots for Private Clients for the first six months of 2018. I would like to offer you an opportunity to apply for one of these slots if you are interested to grow and evolve professionally.

It’s a six months program where we work one on one together over a 6 month period to help your progress your Personal Evolution and that of your Business.

While we outline and teach the basic process on the Master Practitioner, the Enigma Programme moves way beyond what I have time to teach on the Master Practitioner, in addition to all the tools and techniques that we teach on The Master Practitioner, such as Advanced Language Patterns, Values and Values Transition and Metaprogrammes, and all the advanced communication tools of Quantum Linguistic (which you can see during our Master Classes ), this represents only a small fraction of more esoteric tools I have been using to get focus and keep my energy aligned with my own personal goals and successes.

The greatest of the new tools that we work with on the Enigma Program is Archetypal Energies. Think of the Archetypal Energies as the fundamental Life Force that flows through every Intention. This is based on the work of the prominent Psychologist Karl Jung, and influences the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

There are 12 core sets of Archetypal Energies. Each of these Energies types have a Personality. Two of the most powerful Energies that need to work together are the Destroyer Energy and the Creator Energy. If the Destroyer Energy is low and the Creator Energy is high, you tend to create lots of new ideas, but you don’t let go of old projects to create room for the new. What happens then is that the Shadow of the Destroyer Energy comes to play, and the Universe takes stuff away from you in a most brutal way. This is not good, but on the Enigma Program we work with discovering these misalignments and this accelerates the Personal Evolution process. Imagine experiencing a Breakthrough process that not only works on obstacles like negative emotions, limiting decision and internal conflicts, but also aligns your activities, behaviours and intentions with your goals so that the Archetypal Energies are also aligned and balanced.

This is the focus of the Enigma Program : Balancing the Archetypal that create results. It works on 3 Levels. Mindset, Body and Business. Think of Energy Alignment as the glue and the scaffolding between your Mind and your Body and the Results you get in your Business. It’s Really Powerful!

The result of a six month program of this nature is a deep level of alignment of your day to day activity with your goals and real clarity on what you need to shift on a personal level to Inspire your Employees and Business Partners, and we also work on plans to help you connect with your Customers in a more aligned way using the Energy so that your customers have a much deeper sense of purpose and urgency when they are about to make a decision about projects you propose.

The way the program is delivered is through an initial discover workshop before the beginning of the program to be sure we can work on tangible outcomes that need to be a multiple of your investment (of course). This makes the investment insignificant in terms of the tangible results we are working towards.

Then once we begin the program, every 2 weeks we have a skype call or meeting in person to uncover patterns and obstacles and we build up a Model of your World and through this process we use all the existing nlp tools constantly. Values, Language, Communication, Submodalities, Anchoring, etc.

At the end of month 3 we deep dive for 2 days into unblocking all the obstacles and blockages and assisting your Archetypal Energy to align with your business goals. This is a 2 day breakthrough as opposed to the normal 4 hour or 8 hours breakthrough that we normal teach on the Master Practitioner

We then follow up every 2 weeks with additional tasking and deep dive coaching to give you clarity, focus and accountability as you focus on your long term goals.

If you are interesting in becoming a private client and working at a deep level to move your business forward, just drop me a quick message and we can arrange a discovery call in the next few days and set up your application.

Thanks again for your attention, and wishing you the best