NLP Certification Training, Professional Speaker Training  and Personal Transformation Courses to raise your standards.

NLP Certification


Our Accelerated NLP Certification Trainings will give you advanced skills and abilities you need to allow you to pave the way in your life and career.

If you are looking to really step up and perform at your very best then our NLP Accelerated Learning courses are a perfect fit for you.

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Present Yourself


Our Professional Speaker Training is built around models of excellence in human psychology. We have incorporated a decade of research into the success and experiences of world class performers.

If you want to have world class presence then consider our Professional Speaker Programmes.

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ReInvent Yourself


Our Personal Transformation programmes work directly on in removing obstacles and limitations, and focus on getting clear on your outcomes and results.

If you are feeling stuck and want to get movement in your life, then one of these programmes will suit you best.

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All Programmes

The complete list of out currently available courses are listed below.

If you need help or have specific questions please contact the office at 028 9532 0007 or complete the enquiry form below.